I am a photographer and digital marketer based in New York City

Whatever the twist - you are aiming to sell. The purpose of any service, any good and any talent ultimately is an exchange of money. Establish your value before you propose. 

Step one: Aesthetics. The buyers vision will influence a sale more than any other sense of hers. It opens the dialogue: No appeal means no trade. Put yourself in the best light achievable.


  • Freelance photographer
    2015 - 2018

    Any shape, color and direction of light can be created in my digital photography production studio, which was built and refined to specifically cater to small business’ needs. Blending both my expertise in modern technologies and my passion for creativity, I am able to create brand enhancing visual content while also providing a comprehensive service experience for my clients. I am driven to evolve continuously. Run with me!

  • Creative Director / Chief Marketing Officer
    2012 - 2018

    If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere they say. New York City is one competitive place to be, and I can proudly say that countless challenges helped me grow in many ways. Ranking top 3 among America's coolest stores and in tripadvisor's shopping recommendations for NYC tourists are just the beginning.

  • Education
    2008 - 2011

    Bachelor of science - Urban design - Hafen City Universitaet Hamburg


Don't blink